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Determination is the key..


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Thee is always a big guy and a small guy.


If you are good at something,never do it for free.


Some days are off


And they should be
If they are not we wouldn’t know the importance of the days which are not.

Be what you are !


“Age has no face”


A New canvas


Every new day is like a blank canvas
As the day goes you paint like an artist
With love and smiles or hatred and sadness
What you shall paint is in your own hands
The emotions with which you paint
Speaks a thousand word you can’t
Smile and spread the joy as another day pass
To paint a picture with kaleidoscopic colors
‘Cause you can’t expect picture to be colorful and bright
If all you have used are grey shades to paint.
Poetry ..A Journey Within!



There a reflection in the water
And I am not sure it’s me 
After all these years 
After all this time
I feel, I have been robbed by life
Of the most precious thing I ever had 
A price paid for the experiences I earned 
Life isn’t fair I know
But this is a price I wasn’t ready to pay
And now I find it so hard to trust and so easy to lie
It is so easy to get hurt and so difficult to forgive
Childhood with it took a lot more than I ever thought
Yet there is part in me that fights
To believe in the goodness around
That is the child in me
And I will never let it die… 

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